Vibration Sensor Module Vibration Switch SW-420


Operating Voltage (VDC) 3.3 ~ 5
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 40x15x7
Weight (gm) 3

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Vibration sensor module SW-420 dependent on the vibration sensor SW-420 and Comparator LM393 to detect assuming there is any vibration that past the edge. The edge can change utilizing a locally available potentiometer. At the point when this no vibration, this module yield rationale LOW the signal indicates LED light, as well as the other way around.

On the off chance that the module doesn’t vibrate, the vibration switch was on the nearby express, the result of low result, the green pointer light. The item vibrates, vibration switches transient detach, the result is driven high, the green light doesn’t sparkle.

The result can associate with the microcontroller, which to detect high and low level; in order to detect whether the climate exists vibration, assume a part in the alert.

Features :

  1. Using SW-420 normally closed type vibration sensor.
  2. Comparator output, clean signal, good waveform, strong driving ability, >15mA.
  3. Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator.
  4. With bolt holes for easy installation.

Package Includes :

1 x Vibration sensor module SW-420.

Weight 20 g


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Vibration Sensor Module Vibration Switch SW-420